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CPTV Sports Broadcast of 10/6/14 Match: RHAM vs. E.O.Smith

In case you missed tonight’s match with E.O.Smith be sure to check out the rebroadcast at CPTV Sports.  Check out a brief preview on the CPTV Sports Channel on YouTube.


Girls High School Volleyball 2014

Rham at E.O. Smith #104

Thursday, October 9, 07:30 pm on CPTVSPORTS

Duration: 1:26:59  [HD]

10/10/14, 12:00 am CPTVSPORTS
10/11/14, 2:30 pm CPTVSPORTS
10/11/14, 8:30 pm CPTVSPORTS
10/12/14, 9:00 pm CPTVSPORTS
10/13/14, 8:30 pm CPTVSPORTS
10/14/14, 1:00 am CPTVSPORTS

Updated: October 14, 2014 — 8:03 pm

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