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2014 Roster

2014 Varsity Roster

Angelica CzercowyOH72015
Kaylee DanaherDS52015
Sierra GoodwillDS/SS22015
Alyssa HansenRSH/MH112015
Megan HelineOH122015
Ashley HitchcockMH322015
Nicole BurleyDS42016
Riley ClarkRSH/DS82016
Taylor GargerRSH/MH62016
McKenzie ManeggiaS102016
Shaela SalingerDS142016
Maddie StoneOH92016
Lauren DelissioDS32017
Jen HallbachS172017
Sydney MasnaOH152017
Katie SheaMH232018


2014 Junior Varsity Roster

Claire RussoOH192017
Lauren DelissioDS42017
Jen HallbachS142017
Lauren HentschelDS92017
Sydney MasnaOH152017
Lia BaronciniS/DS112018
Anna BarryMH/OH62018
Katie DormanDS72018
Lauren DukeOH/RSH102018
Kate GrabowskiRSH/OH232018
Alexandra HelineOH/RSH202018
Alana HruskaMH/OH242018
Alexandra WelchS22018

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