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2013 Roster

2013 Varsity Roster

Carly Balskus5'11"MH/OH92014Stacey & John
Courtney Masna5'10"MH152014Robbin & Eric
Hannah Schmidt5'7"L/DS422014Pat & Frank
Sarah Veilleux6'0"OH232014Missie & Glenn
Angelica Czercowy5'7"OH/RS72015Anna & Andrzej
Kaylee Danaher5'4"DS52015Laura & Matt
Sierra Goodwill5'6"DS42015Donna & Barry
Alyssa Hansen6'0"MH112015Jennifer & Michael
Megan Heline5'9"RS/OH122015Rochelle & Stefan
Ashley Hitchcock5'11"MH192015Kristen & Jeff
McKenzie Maneggia5'2"S102016Donalyn & Peter
Shaela Salinger5'5"DS142016Lori & Steven
Riley Clark5'7"S22016Julie & Terry


2013 Junior Varsity Roster

Nicole Burley5'2"DS/OH72016Yvonne & Bill
Riley Clark5'7"DS/OH22016Julie & Terry
Taylor Garger5'9"RS62016Kim & John
Lauren MacConnell5'8"MH292016Amy & David
Maddie Stone5'4"OH/DS242016Sharon & Dave
Madelyn Brooks5'4"DS152017Lori & Jeff
Lauren Delissio5'0"DS32017Mike & Sheri
Jennifer Hallbach5'4"S142017Debbie & Ernie
Lauren Hentschel5'3"DS92017Mary & Don
Olivia Knightly5'5"S232017Leslie & David
Claire Russo5'5"OH192017John & Tonja
Kayleigh Sauyet5'9"MH202017Amy & Scott


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