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Month – October 2007

Fall Foliage Tour

By Ken Lipshez (Lipservice Blogspot)

A tip of the hat and very rare exposure of the old chrome dome to the RHAM volleyball team. The Sachems challenge Bristol Eastern as the best I’ve seen this year, although Rich Heitz has that Southington group peaking for the Class LL tournament (if the Knights can knock off Eastern Monday, now that would be quite a statement!).

Farmington and Berlin have fine teams. Respective coaches Laura Arena and Bob Tarigo have built superb programs from top to bottom. But this is surely the Year of the RHAM. For those who don’t know, RHAM stands for Regional Hebron Andover Marlborough. I’ve seen them play twice and a more cohesive group you won’t see in any sport anywhere.

Berlin has lost to the Sachems twice. Farmington has another shot in RHAM’s house this week. Time for the Indians to make a statement, or it’s a battle for second place between them and the Redcoats. …

RHAM Works Its Way Among Elite

WILLIAM SCHUBERT | Courant Staff Writer
Oct. 10–In a sport where longtime powers seem to be the only powers, the ascension of a fresh success creates genuine buzz.

RHAM (8-0) could be on the threshold of the elusive next level. The No. 10 ranking in the state coaches poll last week was a first for the team.

“I knew we’d be very good and my biggest concern was squashing the egos and playing as a team,” coach Tim Guernsey said. “You can have two of the greatest players ever, but if they’re worried about who’s getting the credit, you’re not going to be successful. We’re not really concerned with individual stats.”

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